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Army v/s Crime – S60
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The cursor is a green 3D-box. Following icons can be drawn a top of it. – the cursor is on a line of fire; – the cursor is on a line of fire, but is too far for a pomegranate; – there is an impenetrable obstacle between current soldier and the cursor; ??- a running arrow (upwards or downwards). The cursor is on a platform of the lift or before a ladder. When the cursor is positioned over a soldier, an enemy or a special object, it blinks. The name of the object is then shown in the bottom line of the screen.


Doors get opened when somebody passes through the doorway. In the beginning of every turn all previously opened doors get closed.

Ladders and elevators

You can move from one floor to another with the help of ladders and elevators. In order to use them, you need to step on the elevator platform or to stand in front of the ladder and select action Up/Down.

Special objects

When the cursor is positioned over a special object its name appears in the bottom part of the screen. To take advantage of a special object a soldier must simply come and stand next to it.


To release a hostage you simply need to come and stand next to it. Be cautious! The released hostage becomes a target for the enemy.

Weapon and equipment

Weapon is characterized by the following parameters: time to shoot, fire strength, accuracy, ammo and weight. Weapons possessed by a soldier are shown below the play field in four slots. Amount of ammunition is shown under each slot if it has a limit. Some kinds of weapon or equipment are of contact nature, for example, a knife. In order to apply such item, you need to stand next to the target. Explosive bullets are capable of hitting the target such as objects or manpower only within a limited radius from the actual strike centre. As the distance from the centre grows, the effect of the strike decreases. Grenades have a limited radius of application. Some objects are explosive and they blow up even from pistol bullets. Upon successful completion of certain missions you will be given new types of weaponry or equipment.

Your soldiers

These guys are the bravest people on Earth. They bring peace and beneficence to the world. In the beginning you have the only one private soldier in your team. They may send you more recruits after successful completion of your missions, or your soldiers may be promoted to higher ranks. The higher the rank, the stronger and more endurable a particular warrior is. New recruits will be sent to you to replace those killed in action. To admit a recruit, select Accept, to deny admission, select Next. You will be then sent another recruit. The red bar above the soldier shows a health level, the green bar shows time left, the white bar shows a level of paralysis. When the level of paralysis is greater than the health level then the soldier can do any actions.


You will encounter various types of enemies as you go through your missions. They vary in strength, appearance, and behaviour. Enemy is awake! He becomes stronger with every mission. Killing all opponents is not always a requirement for successful mission completion. Read the assignment details carefully!

Scoring and mission ending

You must complete all mission subtasks. If even one subtask is failed the mission is failed too. In that case you can replay the mission from the beginning or reload it from the last saving.


Forum » Applications/Games/Wallpapers » Mobile Zone » Army v/s Crime – S60
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